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Symptoms of cataracts in children

Not all kids can boldly say how they are feeling. And it is not something new again that kids can develop cataracts, and they can also undergo cataract surgery. Parents are encouraged to focus on their kids and ask them questions about how they feel before the situation worsens. This article aims at giving adequate information about the symptoms of cataracts in children. 

I will like to direct this message to parents. They have a significant role to play. Once your child is complaining about some of the symptoms I am about to share with you here, you need to rise and do the needful. One thing about cataracts is that once it is left untreated, they can finally lead to total blindness. You might be wondering if kids can go totally blind. Of course, kids with cataracts can go blind if the cataract surgery is not done when due. Oh! Cataract surgery. Don’t be scared. The only remedy or the only way to eradicate cataracts in bold old and young is to undergo perfect cataract surgery.

Therefore my advice for every parent reading this article is to pay attention to what will be revealed here. There are some symptoms of cataracts that are hidden, and there are other symptoms that will come out clear in the eyes of your kids. But before we move any further, I would like to briefly explain the meaning of cataracts. 

What is a cataract?

A cataract is a thick, cloudy area that forms in the lens area of the eye. A cataract usually starts when proteins in the eye form clumps that prevent the lens from sending clear images to the retina. And once clear images have not been sent to the retina, then there’s a problem. Remember, the retina works by converting light through the lens into signals. Therefore, when the lens cannot send explicit images to the retina, the problem begins to develop gradually, eventually interfering with one’s vision. It sends the call to the optic nerve, which transfers them to the brain. Cataracts are common in older and younger people. According to the National Eye Institute, several people in the US have this ailment. The only means of overcoming this ailment is cataract surgery. Now, what is cataract surgery? Cataract surgery is the method of removing the lens of your eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. Although, the replacement with an artificial lens does not occur in all cases. Initially, the lens in one’s eye is clear. But when one gets a cataract, the lens becomes cloudy, eventually affecting one’s vision. Therefore, cataract surgery needs to be carried out to restore the person’s sight to a normal state.

Symptoms of cataracts in children

Although the symptoms of cataracts remain the same in both adults and young ones, what one would see from children may be quite different from what will be seen in adults. Adults can quickly speak out about how they are feeling. Not all children can boldly say how and what they feel in their eyes. Therefore, below are things parents may likely see in their kids that show that they are battling cataracts;

  1. Redness: Once you notice that their eyeballs have changed their colour from white to red, there should be a concern. Their eyes may turn red, and they will maintain that strange colour for some time. Therefore, the parent should note this if they don’t want to spend some of their income on cataract surgery.
  1. Constant rubbing of eyes: Kids may start rubbing their eyes. Their hand will always be on their eyes, rubbing them. This may lead to redness, of course. As a parent, if you notice that your kid is rubbing his eyes with his hand at two minutes intervals, then you should pay more attention to him.
  1. Inability to read: This is the most common symptom of cataracts among children. If there is a cataract in their eyes, their vision becomes blurry. And how will you know if their vision is blurred? Because not all of them can explain precisely how they are feeling. But you can test their vision sharpness by telling them to read a tiny written word. Once you notice they can’t read it correctly, the next thing to do is ask them questions about how they see what was written. Therefore, parents are encouraged to focus on this aspect in their child.  
  1. Trouble seeing at night: Some kids will find it hard to see at night. This is also common among kids. Kids with cataracts will find it so hard to see clearly at night. Once you notice that, please don’t hesitate to take the necessary step. Take such a child to see the doctor examine him. It is wrong for parents to assume that it is normal for kids not to see clearly at night. Since it is night, it is possible for one to quickly believe that all is well. Therefore, parents are advised to take their kids to the clinic for a proper checkup. If the situation is that they need to do cataract surgery for them, please allow them to do it. 
  2. Seeing colour as faded: This symptom of cataract is common in both young and adults. The moment one begins to see colours as though they are faded or see a particular colour as another, there’s something wrong somewhere. So, you can ask your kids to tell the colour of some objects in the house to test their eye sharpness. I have seen a kid calling a red colour to be blue.  It’s not his fault. He’s suffering from a cataract. Honestly, to him, he sees the t-shirt that is colour red to be colour blue. I had to tell his parent to take him to the clinic.


The essence of knowing this symptom is to rise and do the needful. If you have been seeing or noticing any of the above-listed symptoms in your kids, then you need to take them to visit an eye doctor. I mean a specialist who will examine them and give you directions on the next step. You can read about Swimmers and cataracts by clicking here.