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Reasons why one must not delay cataract surgery

Cataracts in the eyes may appear as though all is well with your sight. Some people are due for cataract surgery, but they are postponing it because they still see clearly. The symptoms you will see might not be blurry vision. It might be another symptom that may seem as though you don’t need to do cataract surgery now. 

I understand the fact that many things might occur when the doctor first tells you that you’ll be doing cataract surgery. But that doesn’t negate the fact that what you need to do, you should do it. One thing about cataracts in the eye is that they can cause total blindness. Research shows that some people turn blind because they postpone the day of surgery. 

Records show that cataract is the second leading cause of blindness globally. The national program for control of blindness clearly stated that an average of five hundred and fifty-seven thousand, five hundred and sixty-eight cataract surgeries are performed in India. This implies that there’s a high rate of cataracts in India. During the pandemic, everywhere was closed, including every surgery service. As a result of that, there has been a massive increase in cataracts among the Indians. 

In Sydney, research shows that not all diagnosed with cataracts have done cataract surgery. Also, in Sydney, close to 65% of blindness was caused by cataracts. People were diagnosed with cataracts, but they failed to go for cataract surgery for one reason. I am thinking of explaining cataract surgery. Perhaps, this will help some people to see it as something that won’t stress them. 

What is cataract surgery? 

Cataract surgery is not as complicated as other surgery services. However, a specialist must handle it because if care is not taken, the situation might boomerang. However, cataract surgery is a medical method or procedure of eradicating the cloudy lens and then replacing it with an artificial one. The process of this surgery is so simple to the extent that it will only take twenty-five minutes, and there’s a tendency that you are discharged to go back home that same day. From what I gathered from people that have done it, I was told that the doctors would apply some drops on the eyes before the operation. The work of the eye drops is to ensure that one will not feel the pain. Another thing about cataract surgery that got me marveled is that one will not be on drugs that might make one lose consciousness. You will know when this process is on. That, for me, is not something serious.

Why do people neglect cataracts? 

The truth remains that no one should neglect to do the right thing. But we perceived that some things hold people back in committing themselves to do the needful. Here are the things that might cause some delay;

  1. Fear: The fear of cataract surgery has caused many to neglect to go for this surgery. They are scared about the pain. Some people are afraid of the tools the doctors will use. I have seen someone who should have done this surgery saying that he was scared when he saw how a man’s eyes were packed after the surgery. Can you imagine that? That is someone I know; how about countless people that also have this same fear. Your health is essential, and you need to do all that it takes to restore your site to its original state. 
  1. Waiting for a cataract to get ripens: Do you know some people diagnosed with cataracts decided to wait for it to grow more? They choose to do that because the symptoms they see probably don’t come with blurry vision. There’s much danger in waiting for your cataracts to grow more before you do the needful. Trust me; it is unhealthy for your eyes. I want to urge you to wait no more. Once you’ve been diagnosed with a cataract and you’ve been told to prepare yourself for surgery, please do the right thing. 
  1. People think they can live with cataracts: Some people believe that man can live successfully with cataracts. In fact, some are being tricked by some articles and by some quack doctors report that cataracts can be managed and not removed. Please, I challenge you to come out of that thinking. Your eyes are the light of your body.
  2. Denial that they can’t have a cataract: I was so shocked when I heard someone saying that the test carried out on him was a lie. And this was someone complaining of inability to drive in the night. Please don’t be deceived. Do the needful.
  1. Cost of the surgery: Some are not financially buoyant. They see themselves as someone that cannot afford the money for this surgery. As accurate as that may sound, I want you to look for a way out. There are some eye clinics whose services are cheap. All you need to do is to ask people around you. There must be a way out. Isn’t that sound positive! 

Why you don’t need to procrastinate

I want to clearly say that the result of procrastinating when it comes to cataracts will undoubtedly lead to blindness. You can go on search engines to gather some proof about the causes of blindness. Its cataract. Therefore, if you are joking with your eye health, you are toying with the head of a snake. 

Closing thought

Dear reader, please rise and do what you ought to do. When the eyes are in good shape, you can jump up and down and do your job correctly. Without your eyes working flawlessly, you will not enjoy the world in its fullness. Therefore, the above points shouldn’t stop you from restoring your sight. Don’t allow anyone to give you something unreal and fake. People can come out with different ideologies and write-ups that will confuse you. I want to urge you to stay focused, overcome every fear in your heart, and do what you suppose to do—enough of procrastinating. Finally, please don’t hesitate to ask questions, if there are any. Visit to read about Swimmers and cataracts.